How Things Work

In anticipation of the shipment from America I’ve been slowly inspecting the house – the two sets of speakers can’t connect to the TV in the living room, I don’t want to be bothered with all the cables to set up the TV in the bedroom, and turns out none of the converters worked because the fuses were all blown. The iron doesn’t work, don’t know if the toaster does, the lamps need bulbs, and I replaced our pool balls with the new set that was bought because one of the balls had been chipped.

There was a cabinet in the kitchen with two sets of measuring cups and a set of spoons but we bought a new set anyway until ours arrives, hence why I was checking all cabinets and drawers to look for these hidden treasures amongst the cracked dishes, used knives, and “old” pot set. If we aren’t going to be using these we can give them to someone who will. Meanwhile, I’m stuck vacuuming with hearing protection until I decide to buy an updated model.

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