Fall of Dreams


I woke in the middle of the night and grabbed my phone to jot down what I could remember from my dream. The jolt of movement and the light woke Caleb who suggested I put these notes on my blog… like I did in 2012, so here they are from the fall of 2018.

Aug 24 – I’m at an event near a playground and talked to a possible movie star.

Sept 30 – I’m kidnapped and shown a good time until I’m poisoned in a hotel room. It burns my insides, makes me scream, and I’m semi-paralyzed. One of the guys, instead of leaving me to die, takes me to a doctor or veterinarian to save me and I think we fall in love, though somehow I end up at a house with a guy who dug a pool outside a store so he could rob it and the owner fell in.

Oct 5 – I was doing laps in a pool and got out to use the diving board with the end covered in plants and a beautiful lizard tried licking my foot.

Oct 6 – Some little boy wanted to hang out with me. I was looking forward to cuddling with grandpa and watching his favorite cartoons.

Oct 10 – I went to a grassy area outside of an emergency room to get bit by a python species of snake, twice on the leg, and it made me feel numb with a fast heartbeat. Someone else did it with me.

Oct 12 – I am eating a burrito while having a bird comb (run its beak through) my hair.

Oct 15 – On a ship’s deployment and a superior lets her people destroy property because they can order a replacement next month. I pet a girls hair, that reminds me of a rabbit, while she’s handcuffed to a chair and tell her about the ones I used to have.

Oct 25 – I sell a girl a CD that has Ms. Jessica written on it, so I ask her to return it and she shows me her deep freezer and then friends come over and one has the idea of mixing the themes in the room. She’s holding a bloody bag and there’s a close-up of a rat biting something.

Nov 1 – I ride my bike to a house where Uncle David can tell me how poorly I parked. The kids jump in the pool and the mom asks me if I’m at least 16. Caleb arrives to nap on me while the kids nap around us. I woke him so we could get the car when the kids woke from him snoring which had me smile-laugh at them.. and then wake up.

Nov 3 – I was in the park with a guy that didn’t feel like walking so I tried to put him and his two suitcases in a shopping cart but it fell over. Then I was in a post office in Germany with Mom looking at creature keychains that are missing legs.

Nov 11 – I’m sitting across the table from a famous performer who can’t stay at the same hotel as us (her local support crew) for liability reasons. Then I watch a dog push a grocery cart across a parking lot before grabbing the table and chair and tossing the performers’ free shirt on top of them in the grass to rush inside.

Dec 9 – I’m peeing in a tiny urinal when this girl sits in my lap and I pee on her back. She asks if I’m from Tampa and outside Shannon is having a laugh about it.

Dec 13 – On an adventure jumping to rocks over water and still having to swim, crashing through trees in a van and watching a guy hanging by his leg from a tree. Had a burger that night and then joined the guys on the couch, sitting next to Ryan’s dad with Caleb across from me. Fallon was there supplying guys with clean shirts and we got to spend one night together before we’d have to split up again in the morning.

Dec 16 – Caleb and I find our way to the third floor of a restaurant in the rain in Asia and somehow order the monkey that comes out like a nutcracker with my breakfast buffet of a plate – black beans, corn, cottage cheese. I give Caleb the foot, smaller than my thumb, and watch as he tries not to puke it up on the table.

Dec 19 – I go to Mom’s house after not having been there for eight years. Peanut is there and Jane delivers a flier about an OK-TX football team, and there’s a Time’s Up sign on the hill across from where the Randall’s used to live. Now it’s all paved and covered in buildings. I follow Barry in my car after threatening to call the police on his shenanigans. I respond to Fallon about her NAIS meeting before we turn left from the driveway.

#2 At a resort, sitting next to Caleb in a wheelchair for fun. This lady took the lift to the wrong floor and this guy asks if I’m a palm reader and then his friend offers his hands and squeezes my leg as we get up to leave. He hugs me and tries to lean in for a kiss.

Dec 20 – Jason Vorhees comes in and I run down three steps into a bathtub and turn the water on. I tell him to wait and pause so we can hear Caleb ask what his best kill was and then Jason pokes a knife through my shoe to cut my toes off. I feel like before that we were doing rehearsal but then it got real. I woke up and saw his figure, smaller than the film, and jumped into Caleb who only woke enough to let Sparky under the covers.

#2 I paid for a search-scare Halloween event in a giant mall and go to an unassuming sales office and then wait in line. Caleb passes me with a cart or bag and I ask him where he got it – doesn’t know but I ask the staff to call my name so we can go together. I chose to go a few people behind Caleb and my group took off jumping through this inflated hole and having to take a selfie on the wall at the bottom and receive a game name (mine was Rotio) before making your way back to the blonde at the beginning. My flip flops had stuck to the stairs and slowed me down before the hole and then I jumped over a train delivering tiny boxes and derailed that. I got back too late and got a ‘drink beer till your group is done’ voucher. I’m on my way to find that when I see Caleb who lost the bag of supplies needed to play because he thought the team leader would grab them all.

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4 Responses to Fall of Dreams

  1. I found a website that counts word frequency but my tags – family, friends, and food – provide a better thread (this time). I will be trying with other posts too.


  2. Yes, but that’s for the blog overall. I will check on the dreams and find the trend. Thanks for the idea!


  3. Chester Hendrix says:

    AH – the jumble of words thing!


  4. Chester Hendrix says:

    It would be fascinating to see you run all of this post through one of those word filter things to see which words pop up the most – I’m sensing a thread here… I don’t recall very many dreams at all – but they tend to be recurring. At 63, I recall most of them as being placed in familiar/family settings… except the ones where I fly [mostly like the Hulk, jumping from place to place]. 😉


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