Family Photos in the 80s


Mom, 16, in the middle with Virgil Sidders, her stepdad on the left with his two kids, and Elaine Louise Baker Clark, my grandma, about 44, on the right.



Grandpa, Gerald Clark, 48, with second wife, Joyce, 46.

moms gma

Edith Ethel Allen (Clark), great-grandmother, in her 60s.

alice thomas 1989

Alice Jane Thomas (Clark), great-aunt, 49.

aunt marlene

Marlene June Clark, great-aunt, in her 30s.

Gary Clayton Clark, great-uncle, 1956-1974.


Taken for church directory: Eleanor Marianna Ulrich Kurchoff Burke, 78, my 2nd great-aunt (my dad’s side), with husband, Kenneth Myers Burke, 82.


Anita Marie Ahlquist (Clark), aunt: Dec. 82 and Mar. 83 in her 20s (left)
Lois Elaine Laplant (Clark), aunt: Senior ’82 and basic training in Orlando, FL ’82 (center)
Wanda Prater (aunt from marriage): in her 20s (top right)
another aunt from marriage — either Kim, Cindy, or …


Jeremy Jennings, 8 in 1986, no idea

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