Haunted Halloween

Q&A: Halloween plans? What’s your costume? We did some last-minute shopping with Fallon to get a scythe for her kid and Caleb picked up a mask. We will trick-or-treat with her kids and then help them eat some and pass out the rest.


I’m debating wearing a black dress with a mask I got from a NYE party some years ago when I pull out an outfit, bright yellow with letters on it, and try that on. I can go as alphabet soup. I put my flip-flops on and we join the neighbors at the end of the street.


There doesn’t seem to be as many houses participating this year, but the kids still get a lot of candy and even the adults are offered treats this year. A guy gave Caleb some pumpkin and bat-shaped pretzels as a prize for scaring his daughter.


The little kids are done by 8 pm so they can get to bed for school tomorrow. Caleb and I will walk around the block to see a few more lights, spooky decorations, and a couple passing out candy with Michael Myers running around their yard.


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