Candy, Cake, and Coffee

Q&A: Are you able to tell when you have enough? Yes.


rye bread, almond butter, black grapes

These grapes are fantastic. A persimmon and some cranberries are next on the list.


cheesecake, chocolate graham cracker crust, strawberry cream topping

Caleb’s homemade creation as he perfects his art in appearance and flavor.


stop at the coffee shop

What are the chances… my friend used my name for her coffee and there happened to be another Jessica waiting on her hot beverage, and purple frappuccino, to go.


children and puppies

When the neighbor children wander over and scare the piss out of the puppies and the mother comes to lick up the poop — to hide the scent from predators, instinctually.


half-eaten homemade ice cream cake

This was the cake hiding in my freezer. I thought it wasn’t going to be eaten for another 12 days, but I sure did enjoy the vanilla bean, Oreo, Reese’s cup combo as part of an early birthday celebration.


children of the pumpkin patch

We weren’t the last ones to carve our pumpkins. I helped the kids get the seeds out. Then watched the eighth film of Quentin Tarantino, The Hateful Eight, with Caleb. We thought we’d watch a Halloween theme or scary movie and saw the action go from slow to twisted.

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