Waking Winning

Q&A: You woke up at: 5:50 am.


for sale

I was going to workout but the gym was super busy, so I went to work (for five minutes), then waited in traffic to get back to base only to find so many people still waiting to use equipment. I didn’t stay long.


hole three at Morley Field

I did laundry and trimmed the palm tree. Caleb got home and invited me to disc golf. We did some more chores and then met A-Rod at Morley Field. I lost, but still had fun wearing a hat and being outside.


shadow selfie in the park

We went to a cantina in Pacific Beach for tacos, mine came with mushrooms and such. We walked to another bar and played pool (I cheated and lost, and then played against Caleb and won). I re-parked the car and we walked to another place for wings.


sunset on Tuesday

I got a fried avocado taco and interrupted two guys playing shuffleboard. Caleb drove his friend home and then did the same for us. I saw one picture of the AHA event that took place at school today. Looking forward to more details soon.

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