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No More Grandma’s House

My grandmother, my dad’s mom, had a stroke in October and has been decreasing in life energy since (the will to live). I have been absorbed with school, my internship, my broken toe, and the rest of my life (emphasis … Continue reading

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My First Week With a Broken Big Toe

  My big toe is broken, which means no morning runs and nightly walks, but this is only temporary. I spent the first night taking hydrocodone and talking to a nurse on the phone at 4am. I tried walking off … Continue reading

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Till It’s Gone

I’ve heard it before. You don’t miss something till it’s gone. It’s not that I don’t miss my blog, but I feel that I have writer’s block. I look back on all the amazing things I wrote about and feel … Continue reading

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2014: The Year in Pages

All seven thousand, seven hundred and forty-five of them; the first five reviewed here. 6. The Outsiders by Colin Wilson One of my dad’s favorite reads. A story about diving into the depths of the mind and finding such awesome things … Continue reading

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