Patented Patience

Q&A: You have no patience for: assholes.


aww, to sleep over the ocean

Caleb and I ran over two miles together and then stretched. Caleb made omelettes for breakfast while I showered and then waited for my boss to call with an update.

He called at 10:48 and let me know that I’ve got the week off (hopefully at the most) and a paycheck to pick up when I drop off the supplies for Tuesday’s event, the Kids Heart Challenge, that I was organizing.

I had a banana-pumpkin-chocolate chip muffin for lunch. It was super filling and the chocolate overwhelmed the other flavors. Caleb finished the omelette; it was large.


look at that seed, just look at it

We had plans to go to this Polish event at a church in Pacific Beach and were both excited about getting a plate/bowl/container of perogies from the source, but the asshole in line and the setting inside with $15 dumplings made us change our minds.

We parked a half mile from the beach and walked to the pier. We would’ve done the boardwalk, but it was difficult enough dodging the crowds on electric scooters.

The same could be said for the amount of weed being smoked and selfies being taken (phones have taken over schools, restaurants, concerts, and streets). But perhaps that’s just me, so I went home and napped for 45 minutes.


not hipster if they’re free

We walked around with Fallon looking for her kid’s phone only to find him sitting out front when we returned — she sent him back out.

Fallon didn’t want her avocados, so I cut those up for toast topping as Caleb heated up leftovers and added Tango Chile Sauce, made with a carrot base. Dessert, part of a pumpkin spice protein cookie, because it’s fall.

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