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Charlotte and Wilbur the Tank

Q&A: In three words, describe your love life:

long — since the day I was born
torn — lost love along the way
twisted — did things differently

It’s nice to have this topic after today. I got in the car and it smelled like crap. I wouldn’t notice till I got to the gym that another cat had been in my yard and left a stink bomb for my shoes that had just been attacked on Tuesday by soup.

I tried the new Torque Fitness Tank ($2,000 of equipment with accessories) while outside enjoying the sprinkling weather to myself. I was looking forward to breakfast — English muffin with spicy hummus, tomato, egg, and a protein-fruit smoothie.

I moved my budding bell pepper plant inside because it’s getting too much sun and then had some cantaloupe before leaving late for work. I printed new ClassDojo invites and stapled the American Heart Assc. tattoos to them in a second try to get them home.

The boss messaged out 18 minutes before class, so we took care of it (really my co-worker stayed with the kids while I ran around) and then we didn’t have our after work meeting or finish any testing for the two classes needed.


baby bell pepper

The kids are getting better at getting less food that they don’t want to eat because I’m making them sit at the table until they eat some of it, give it to their friends (it’s not being wasted), or throw it on the ground or in the trash and then get in trouble.

I still can’t get into the building (no code or key) and I still don’t have a staff email. I thought Monday was a holiday, but only in my phone (though the Kids Heart Challenge isn’t on the school calendar and it’s still happening).

I run two miles at the gym and Caleb will walk Sparky and me around the block after I spray the dog with water and then cuddle him to calm us both down. I had a snack, so I wasn’t hangry and would go around the block with the neighbor and her dog too.

Dinner was another excellent salad creation by me with half spicy hummus and half garam masala peanut butter on naan. I need to pack some things for our camp getaway this weekend as Caleb has planned the campsites and trails.

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