Bad Movies


Halloween season

Q&A: What was the last bad movie you watched? I’d have to remember as I’m on animal documentaries and comedian shows (even listening to them in the car). Comedians, classical music, and educational NPR is relaxing.

I was too sleepy to run this morning, but still got in a weight workout. I dove into 2014 today and posted about Thanksgiving and the day after in Bahrain. Walked my dog and the neighbor’s dog, did laundry and watered the yard.


Took a break to email some parents and already got one to respond. I’ve emailed myself the invites to ClassDojo for the 7th graders and will pass those out next week when they return from fall break and start their Halloween workouts (like zombie high knees).

I walked to the store for milk only to find chocolate and vanilla, but the guy above had no problem filling his cart with Krispy crackers and I think he was going back for more. I would send Caleb and Sparky to the other store to get me some nut secretion.

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