Fractional Crave


Dana Landing

Q&A: What do you crave? A hot shower before climbing into my warm bed.


hungry birds and playful seals

The keychain incentive is working with the kids and they are getting their parents to sign up. I also passed out our green Youth To The Core shirts to the new kids, minus kindergarten (because there are so many kids and so little shirts). We will either have to order some via prepayment from parents or just let them wear green.


We did leg anatomy review, jump rope, relays, running laps, and free play today along with finishing up our fitness assessments for third, fourth, and fifth grade. Next week will be coloring in their goal charts and prepping for the Latin Heritage event on October 12th. I was told to teach the kids a dance, but it got downgraded to buying orange juice, so I will see what the bosses decide.


Caleb and Josh

I left work and drove to Josh’s house, Caleb’s friend, to hangout with his wife Summer and their kid Leah (helped with her math homework) on their boat. I got to watch seals play and the sunset, the boys drank beers and held bait in the water, the girls took turns holding one fishing pole, and then Caleb fell in off the back of the boat. We went to dinner and I had some tasty tomato basil soup.


San Diego sunset watched to the karaoke of Radioactive by Pentatonix

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