Cansun Can Diego


Flor de Caña rum display

Up at 4 am, 300 pesos of manga gasoline and a windshield wash without getting out of the car. Drop the car off, no issue, and have father and son (after the younger is woken from sleeping in the van) drop us to our terminal. Print out pass, check bag, and we are told that gate information is released one hour prior to departure.


We walk around for an hour. I power through a 15 minute nap, then we wait by our gate for 30 minutes before they start boarding. Caleb is randomly selected for a secondary security screening (written on his boarding pass) and tries to pawn the small bag on me. They swab his hands and pockets, have him open the bags, then they zip them up.


There’s plenty of open seats on the plane and I ask the woman next to me if she wanted the window (that she’s not using) when I should’ve shown her all the other seats she can have (or moved with Caleb).


We land in Los Angeles and customs is a breeze. We walk to Rolling Stone Bar for a Thai salad with chicken and dressing on the side, so they left off the wonton strips too. I got some honey mustard to go with Caleb’s fries. Walk some more, have an oatmeal raisin (both natural and golden) cookie, walk more and then stop at Engine Co. No. 28 so he can have a beer. We walk to our gate.


We enjoy interacting with Emilio (a toddler from Sweden on his way to visit family) as he plays with the handle on our bag. I watch a grandmother approach a girl and ask her if she speaks Spanish. The girl said, “I don’t understand” and I asked about the bathroom and pointed behind me before getting on our tiny flight for the final part of our trip.


California coastline

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