Kings of Cancun


An orange muffin with yogurt (I’m developing a habit) before driving to the dive shop around 9 to get signatures, locations, and stamps in our dive books from Lore and Ulises.



We visited El Rey Ruins and saw lots of iguanas, learned from a guide that it rains here (we already knew that), and sweat was rolling down my shirt. The ruins are the original main street and at the end is a forest of vampires (some call them mosquitoes). On our way out of the park a little boy took it upon himself to be disobedient so I scolded him and his mother didn’t approve, but it’s not my fault her kid wants to damage something that has stood for so long without his disrespect.



We drove back to the room and had pancakes and popcorn as a snack before getting hungry again and walking into the Ramada because I saw a sign for sandwiches. Caleb got a roast beef sandwich with Roquefort and I had Nutella on ice (it looked better while he was making the other one).



Caleb was ready for a nap after that but I talked him into staying up until I get hungry again. I was ready to get outta the house at 6 and we walked to Wal-Mart for spinach, eggs, carrot, and cheese for dinner and overnight oats again for breakfast, but this time with cantaloupe instead of pineapple.



Back to the room and we settle down and eat some salad. I get the bottle of Bailey’s only to find out that Finn had finished most of it. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it, but he is one rude person. The one night his friends do the dishes is the same night where they spend hours pouring beer on the floor and spreading the mess through the house.



We shower and I blow dry my hair, probably more so than I should have since I forget how short the back is. Bags are packed and Caleb is regretting his food choices while I laugh to tears because of timing. (“My tummy hurts.” Fart. Pinches butt cheeks to toilet.)





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