Put Out



Put forth what you want from the universe and it shall provide. It may sound cliché, but it’s working for me. I woke up feeling and looking great and took that energy to the gym to improve my 5k runtime to 29:33 and get in some weights and socializing too.

Caleb went to the USS Alabama with some of the guys today and I always enjoy when he’s able to explore new things, even if I’m not there. Plus, I remember going with my dad over ten years ago — when I was a decade of difference of a person.

I had yummy oatmeal and pineapple for breakfast and listened to classical music on the ride to school while thinking about the tire pressure light that came on and then went off again — so that’s on the to-do list.

I get to class and am not ready to listen to the professor for an hour and lucky me we have a guest speaker today, Kalina Cardoso, to talk about her progress and the lessons she has learned through Yelp, fliers, schools, determination, and a list of ex-employers.


3rd graders with interns

From there, I enjoy some quinoa with carrots and bell pepper for lunch before arriving to McGill to talk about planting blueberries, kale, garlic, and mint in the garden. I’m glad to see that the school is growing and the kids are learning.

I got free purple kale from the grocery store yesterday because the cashier didn’t know what it was and today got grapes and cheese as a healthy snack for my ride home and a treat to share with the dogs before their afternoon walk.

I made a plethora of salad with an egg in one bowl and a banana in the next for dinner and then had a great conversation with Caleb before taking an extra steamy shower… so many ways to distract myself from doing homework.

I work on my resume and PowerPoint and plan for the convention this week and socialize a bit more before I feel like reading and message my dad. I brush my teeth and realize I still need to blog, for so many reasons.

What do you put out into the world? And what are you getting back?

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4 Responses to Put Out

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  2. ourlifein3d says:

    My best 5k and 10k times came in my mid 40s. You should be world class by then!

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  3. I know you can do it! I shaved two more minutes off my time and am working on improving my 10k too. We’re never too old to be fit and be having the time of our lives!

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  4. ourlifein3d says:

    That’s a pretty good 5k time Jess. I’m back working at getting mine under 30 minutes this week. 25 minutes is my goal. I’m not sure if that’s in the cards for this old guy or not now. Kudos on staying fit and healthy!

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