Sleeping Beauty

Q&A a Day: How late did you sleep? My first alarm goes off at 5:50 every morning. This gives me time to open the curtain (let light in/check weather) and stretch. My second alarm goes off at 6 am; sometimes I’m still in bed, already doing my morning routine, or halfway out the door for my morning gym session.

sleeping head

Ever since I was sleeping in a crib (or so I was told) it was hard for me to sleep before midnight regardless of when I woke; and for this reason I wasn’t allowed naps in school as it only made me stay up later. This is still a problem. My mother told me to appreciate my youth (and the lack of sleep I could function on) and my dad knows how to take efficient afternoon naps, but I wake up wondering what day it is.

Having a school, work, and otherwise needed out-of-the-house schedule (and perhaps trying to adult in some aspects) makes me want to keep a bedtime routine as well and I find myself going to bed sooner to catch important body repair zzz’s (much-needed after keeping up with 150 kids). Sometimes I sleep in till 7 am on the weekends, but that’s because the gym doesn’t open till 8 am and then it throws off my routine.

I’m trying to write about kids and books, and meanwhile, I’ve got a needy dog begging for attention and without Caleb here to pawn him off on I have to cave for every ball throw, lap cuddle, and blanket fort building (which means he should be settling down) as Piggy has been for hours. Caleb is in Alabama watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony while I think of a behavior change to make (for an assignment) and look up playground equipment for the kids and ways to get them donated to the school.

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