Q&A a Day: If this day was an animal, which animal would it be? a sleeping dog

sleep dog

I left the house this morning with the intention to workout till Caleb returned from Alabama via plane but got sweaty at the gym and returned home for a shower and to walk the dogs. It was around 11am when I remembered that I should eat something (peanut butter-egg toast) and I was out the door after his message that he had just landed. I got to the cell lot as he grabbed his bag and picked him up outside.

We got home and Fallon invited us to Kanpai for a bowl of ramen and I suggested she bring the birthday girl; her oldest daughter turned 8 today. I had gone over this morning pre-shower to share in the singing and cupcake celebration. We ordered a bowl and shared and drank plenty of water, but that only filled me up for about two hours before I was eating again; this time leftover spinach-tofu lasagna with carrots and pine nuts.

I tried getting some work done, but Sparky wanted to cuddle so I grabbed my book instead while Caleb worked on our taxes and our car in the shop situation so we can get those figured out. Dinner would be lentil-white bean burgers with cauliflower tots and some cherry juice and figs even though I was craving chocolate chip cookies and ice cream — which is why you don’t keep temptation inside.

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