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Q&A a Day: What are you reading right now? (besides these words) a book by Timothy Ferriss called The 4-Hour Body.

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I wanted to know if there were tips inside that would help me in my pursuit to be a fitness and health trainer (aka a CPT — certified personal trainer). The author talks about cinnamon and coffee, minimum effective dose, using supplements but not drugs, body redesign, and the Slow-Carb diet.

He goes on to talk about doing squats in a bathroom stall and taking a mess of pills to balance out your once weekly binge on all the “bad foods” (that you probably shouldn’t be eating anyway). He discusses cryotherapy (which has been compared to tart cherry juice online) and the delayed onset of glucose spiking.

I enjoy when he talks about kettlebell swings and abs (things I’m into), but get lost on gaining over 30 pounds (for any reason… well, unless you’re pregnant… with twins). He gets into the science aspect of muscles (myofibrils and sarcomeres) which are things I learned in school, so I’m glad to see it in another setting.

As a complete part of the body, and life, as sex should be, Tim goes into details about positions, pressure, and potential for every woman to experience an orgasm. He mentions a buckwheat hull pillow more than once and then reminds guys to, “Build a strong neck so she doesn’t pop your head off”.

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I’m now 50% done reading this book, and though there are helpful tidbits I feel that the size screams BUY ME. There’s a lot of chatter (for me) which can be helpful to those for the real world experience it offers so that people don’t feel alone in their journey, which they shouldn’t (hence “been there, done that”), but good luck finding someone online, or a decent book, or a quick hug when needed.

I am still working on my reading list for this year. I currently have 331 books on just one of my TBR (to be read) lists, but want to make sure I give all non-fiction genres a chance, such as history, science, biography, travel, micro history, technology, and creativity….. the list goes on. I’m open to any and all suggestions. When’s the last time you read a good book?


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