The First Day of Eid-Fitr

Set my alarm for 45 minutes so my nap would match the dryer and woke up five minutes prior just to take wet clothes out. Lesson learned: don’t set the dryer for 30 minutes when clothes still come out moist after two hours. I have no idea what goes on inside that little machine.

The internet was slow so I decided to read. The houseboy complains about his lack of vacation to the Philippine embassy and was given two months pay in one check to compensate. He can’t wait to transfer if and when he gets the chance — what he shares with me while he cleans. I see the same two guards that are here every day – one to cover day and the other night. I was going to bring up wages with him, but another guy came in and interrupted our conversation.

Picked Caleb and Douglas up at 5:30pm after scraping the side of the rental car on the black and yellow ramp leaving the hotel because I turned too soon. The security guard said I was ok on their end as there was no damage to property except fresh paint removal, but as for the rental, well… There is a dent I’m hoping Caleb can pop out and wash off the yellow. The door works, but the rear passenger rim is scraped too.

We dropped off Douglas at the Al Safir so he could pay his bill and hung out with Carole for a minute before Eloise showed up and drove us girls to Starbucks at the Lagoon where we stayed until 8:30pm. I ordered the house dark roast, a mocha cookie frappucino, and an Oreo brownie (the only one to order food). We sat in front of the portable A/C and talked about here: getting, living, and doing things.

I have dinner with Caleb at 9pm and walk the dogs in the cool of night — 96* F.

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