A Long Wait on Base

on the door to breakfast

on the door to breakfast

Caleb had duty last night, but I still got up on time so that I could work on my blog. I can’t wait to get our stuff back so I can have photo editing software – the size of the images are eating up space. I paid for ten days at the front desk at 7:30, and that leaves us five days behind. The guy behind the counter asks how I’m liking Bahrain and when I tell him I want to see more of the Middle East he assures me only Bahrain and Dubai like to party – I’m sure that’s not why I’m here, but I smile anyways.

I went by housing at 8am and was told that after dealing with these people for three weeks by myself that I would need my husband or a power of attorney – really?! So I text him and he can get off work at lunch, the duty van will be there at 12:30… Or I could drive to the hotel, pick up the P.O.A., and drive back.

new athletic gear

new athletic gear

I go to the NEX for two hours to find some exercise clothes – something else I need to be doing. I find two outfits and get a new pair of shoes. I can go back to wearing my old ones, but I don’t know when they will get here. Downstairs I check the mail and the envelope from Uncle Ed has arrived. In it is Caleb’s driver’s license, our new credit cards to replace the ones that expired, our title without lien, some receipts, copies of paperwork, and a vehicle inspection form with no helpful information on it.

I go by the immigration office at 10:30am and pick up our CPR cards (a sheet of paper), then go by PSD at 11am to submit TLA only to be told that needs to be done at housing too. I text Caleb I will be there waiting for him – for over an hour and taking a nap. Today is the hottest yet and the humidity is thick. It feels different breathing in such warm air. Luckily I can drink water on base.

construction container

construction container

Caleb wakes me up at 12:30pm and we turn in the termination letter and get a new pre-contract. We are missing two forms needed to turn in more TLA. Guess I have that to look forward to tomorrow. We are ready to go home and relax. As soon as Caleb cools off, and starts a load of one set of coveralls in the wash, he wants to go look at the villa. We walk over there around 3pm, but not much can be seen from the front. We will meet with the property manager in three hours so that Caleb can look at the place and we can give Mahesh the pre-contract.

Time to go to Alosra for salad and water. Their pre-made salad selection isn’t as great as I thought. Most of it is different flavoured feta, but we do find a Greek, tabbouleh, and broccoli salad, and a veggie wrap. Getting back in the car that was left in the shade is a relief that we will be back in the room soon and don’t have to walk back in this heat, but it’s the best way to get acclimated – at least when you’re not carrying bottled water or other heavy items.

a few comments from the article

a few comments from the article

Caleb takes a nap while I read and listen to the sound of the washing machine. He’s got quite the schedule – duty day, nap day after duty, spend time with wife after work, repeat – with a day off when a weekend and duty day don’t fall on the same day. I wake him at 5:30 so we can meet Mahesh at the villa and forget the pre-contract on the table. He comes to the hotel to pick it up. We cook tortellini for dinner with pasta sauce and stared at the TV mindlessly – it’s going to be the death of my brain…. Then we watch the rest of K-Pax.

Another movie starts and I move to the table to blog. The internet is slow tonight – pictures won’t load to the blog, but I can look at photos and articles on Facebook. I have Humboldt’s Cosmos beside me on the table, but it’s hard to concentrate on that with all the cussing going on in the background. I sit here, reading about social media causing divorce, while Caleb watches TV. And then it’s time for him to sleep. After he turns the TV off I get to read.

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  1. Chester Hendrix says:

    As long as your priority is each other, you’ll do fine! 😉


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