After the Fourth

It seems everyone had a good holiday – food, fireworks, dressing up, boat rides, memorial runs, parades, contests, playing games, taking pictures, listening to concerts, watching soccer, and I’m sure plenty of alcohol was involved.

email to real estate agent

email to real estate agent

I got woken up this morning by Caleb’s alarm going off for the second time. I asked if he was going to get up, so I could go back to sleep without worrying that one of us would get him to work on time. I slept for another 30 minutes, helped walk dogs, and got him to the roundabout at 5:45. Mom texts me when I get back to the room. She’s at the neighbor’s house watching fireworks and I’m about to pass the time on Facebook waiting for 7am so I can eat breakfast.

I thought about going out today, but duty days are great times for me to catch up on the blog. I’m over a month behind and am keeping an eye on events that I would miss blogging for. All the museums and malls and restaurants will still be there when Caleb gets off work tomorrow. I take a shower before walking over to the new villa to meet with Mahesh, the property manager. We walk through the place – there is a blender and separate dryer in the kitchen, we will be given some free water cooler jugs to start with, and the wobbly cabinet will be taken out. The TV wall mount will be taken down and the TV left in the corner – that way we can hear the TV and watch the projector.

part of Floating City, on the way to my future villa

part of Floating City, on the way to my future villa

We are left with a dining room table with four tiny folding stools. I should have sat on one, but if a teenage boy can so can I. Outside we have a shaded concrete porch with wooden stairs that lead down to bricks and rocks for the dogs to pee on and a cheap metal swing with outdoor seat cushions on it. The fence comes with a little gate and the ladder for us to get out of the canal is in our neighbor’s yard – the grass, etc. is private, but the concrete walkway is for public use – swimmers and gardeners.

what my neighbor drives

what my neighbor drives

Upstairs we agree that he will remove the master bed and the two twin beds out of the other room. The master balcony is shaded now which probably means I can enjoy mornings up there and sunsets will be spent on the other side of the house unless we could get an awning installed. There is also a TV stand in each room that will be taken out. We prefer to have things like books, computers, sewing machines, and looms on display in our house – not that we actually know how to use any of them.

what housing doesn't have from ten weeks ago

what housing doesn’t have from ten weeks ago

We have a garden hose outside to water our two plants. There is a tree surrounded by a spindly green ground cover plant in the roundabout and our neighbors have a pool that the birds like and a Lamborghini that I want a ride in. There’s also stairs across the street leading down to the canal, but no ladder nearby. I want to clean up that grassy area – fallen tree and trash – and use it for dogs, though I think it’s more of a hazard than a convenient potty area.

price tag(s) from the mall

price tag(s) from the mall

Mahesh gives me a ride back to the room with a copy of the termination letter. It feels hotter this morning than I expected and he tells me it’s because there is no wind. I agree. I eat the muffin and yogurt I brought back from breakfast this morning and clean up the house so it can be dusted and mopped and have the dirty towels exchanged. With the furnishings it’s hard to tell how dirty it gets in here. I will be sure to appreciate their services while they last.

I was looking at bills the other day and noticed a service charge on our credit card. I tried calling the customer service numbers on the webpage with no luck and quickly emailed them. Caleb forwarded me the response – “You spent a lot of money (more than you realised) and even though you made a large payment, you still owe us so much money that we charged you for it.” Well, guess I can’t argue with that. We need to work on paying our debt down so the charge will be less next month when we’re spending money to move into our new place.

circuit breaker data sheet for my room at The Dragon

circuit breaker data sheet for our room at The Dragon

I put Sparky in the room and let the houseboys in and one tried to say hello to Piggy and she grumbled. I picked her up and put her in with Sparky. I ate my lunchtime PBJ with banana and was editing the May 27th post. Next thing I remember is waking up two hours later in the second bedroom. I took the dogs out, blogged, took them out again, then made dinner. I turned on the TV to give me something to do while waiting for pictures to load and ending up watching a movie about a girlfriend finding the guy that killed her best friend. I’m finding all kinds of ways to get behind today and laundry is almost done, so I will have that to deal with soon. I won’t finish the second post tonight.

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