A Day In the Heard

pottery in the Heard - by Caleb

pottery in the Heard – by Caleb

As told by Caleb.

… Somewhere I had yet to see. We went to breakfast together and I ordered the protein waffle. From there we went our separate ways. Caroline and I got in the car and tried to leave U.S. Egg and head towards the museum when… “Look, they have cronuts!” If they are open we can get some since John has never tried them. Luckily, Candyland Cupcakes are busy cooking them and opened five minutes before we drove past. Four cronuts in a box, two plain and two chocolate, and we are headed to the house to drop them off and go to the museum.

We try to follow Google directions until Caroline recognises the way. We get to an empty parking lot and wonder if they are even open. We get inside and when I’m about to pay Caroline asks about a military discount and we both get in for free. Caroline asks what I want to see first, but I don’t even know what they have. Right then we are asked if we would like to join the guided tour. Caroline has never done it, so why not.

We start at the Beginning of Time in Phoenix and learn about the Native Peoples, talking about the different types of pottery and fabrics they made. We eventually fell behind the tour because of our discussion of fiber arts and ended up finishing sans guide or tour group. Caroline is an endless fountain of information about all things woven, knitted, or crocheted. We make our way out of the Native People’s exhibit and head through the rest of the museum.

We learn about reservation life and that the sensors on the displays are sensitive as I lean in to get a better look at an old newspaper. We saw on the way in that there is a Lego exhibit and have saved that for last. We head up the stairs and are deposited into kid-land… we fit right in. We made race cars that we raced against each other and some of the kids there. We made crowns and glasses, but sadly all fun things must come to an end as I made the Lego outline of Caroline lying on the floor after a horrific accident involving giant falling Legos. Luckily no one was hurt as they were foam rubber.

After all the fun it was time for lunch. We went to the Courtyard Cafe and both ordered the prickly pear lemonade. We got some guacamole and fire-roasted tomato salsa with chips to split and decided on the hummus veggie sandwich to split as well. I wish Jess could’ve been there to help us eat all the food. We ended up not being able to finish the chips and dip. We walked through the gift shop and were blown away by the extravagant prices on our way back to the car.

As we drove back we kept seeing second-hand stores and Caroline brought up making swants. As we are about to get to the house I miss the turn and we end up in front of a Goodwill… so we stopped to peruse the sweater aisles. We found a cashmere sweater, then another, and then four more. We each get three with the intent of unravelling them and knitting them into something else. As we are checking out we both get texts asking where we are so we immediately head home.

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