A Day In the Office

fatherly symbolism for, "I will miss you most awesome daughter ever!"

fatherly symbolism for, “I will miss you most awesome daughter ever!”

We were going to wake early to give us more time to our day if we decided to drive to Mt. Lemon in Tucson or to an art event in Flagstaff. Neither happened when Dad almost went into work. Instead we agreed to spend the day together and let Caleb and Caroline go to the Heard Museum – somewhere Caleb has yet to see.

Legos at the Heard Museum - by Caleb

Legos at the Heard Museum – by Caleb

We all went to breakfast together at U.S. Egg at 8am. I ordered the granola yogurt and an English muffin. We drank our coffee and said our goodbyes to Mario and his waitresses. From there Dad and I went to the office where we would stay until 2pm. The other two went to the museum and had fun making shapes with Legos in the temporary exhibit.

playing dead, not just for puppies anymore - by Caleb

playing dead, not just for puppies anymore – by Caleb

They split a sandwich there and brought home fry-bread. We went to North for lunch at 2:30 and split some fries with lemon aioli and a pizza with mushrooms and smoked mozzarella. We met back at the house and waited on the other two to get back from Goodwill where they found a great deal on cashmere sweaters. They want to unravel them and reuse the yarn. I felt like getting out of the house and bringing the dogs along, so dad-less we went to Echo Mountain Off-Leash Arena just south of their house at 5pm.

kachina dolls - by Caleb

kachina dolls – by Caleb

Caleb threw the ball for Sparky a few times and then I noticed Sparky’s left rear foot was bloody and that it was still 103 degrees out. I carried him back to the car, but we weren’t ready to go home yet. We drove down the street, pulled into a neighborhood, and then drove around until we found parking next to a trail sign. The dirt was hot too so I tried to keep the dogs in the shade. They did well. We were looking for the top of Mountains Preserve, but we only found a road to a water tower. We turned around and Caleb carried Piggy back to the car.

view from the hike

view from the hike

Back at the house with plenty of water and air-conditioning I read from The Glass Castle for a bit while the other two went back to their sweaters before Dad decided it was time for a movie – A Hundred Ways to Die in the West – in a theatre near us – playing now! It was a goofy movie choice for him, but we all laughed at the absurdity of the film that is set in 1882. From the theatre we went to dinner at BJ’s. Caroline and I split the kale salad, Caleb had a burger with fries, and Dad had a steak with mashed potatoes. I helped myself to fries with potatoes on top.

the unattainable top (while trying to avoid the hot dirt with dogs)

the unattainable top (while trying to avoid the hot dirt with dogs)

We skipped dessert there and I was anxious for the fry-bread waiting on the counter at home. I had a quarter of one while Caleb walked the dogs. Upon his return Caroline got out the box of cronuts so that Dad could try one for the first time at 10:38pm. There’s a story as to why he hasn’t had this experience sooner involving a man and cash, but that’s for another time. There were two chocolate and two vanilla – still good after being in a box all day. I made it until 11pm before deciding to go to sleep.

a box full of cronuts

a box of cronuts

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