Earth Fair San Diego


I wake to a beautifully sunny morning at 6:30 am thanks to Sparky. I enjoy a smoothie for breakfast that consists of kale, broccoli, carrot, parsnip, banana, cinnamon and other ingredients (I’m working on perfecting some recipes) that are healthy and taste like cookies. Note to self: 160z serving will leave room in your stomach for a cup of boba Thai tea for lunch, but also plenty of room to eat a whole burrito from Don Panchos for dinner.

Earth Fair was scheduled from 10-5p and the parade started at 1030 am. Most of the booths were for conserving (water, energy, forests, seals); reusables (wash cloths, sandwich bags, forks); eating (green, natural, organic); clothes (about saving, recycling, being green); growing food, making soap, weekend getaways, and electric cars. There was also Abortion Lane, a hanging challenge to save the monkeys, live music and performances, a Neuter Scooter, some jewelry and art. And enough religious zealots with their books and signs spreading the word or the anti-word.

Sister Nora Torious 13

Sister Nora Torious 13

Things I learned: Camelbaks are more popular in California when not hiking; the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a colorful and helpful organization;  paper straws are not as efficient as glass or metal ones; that people against abortion aren’t willing to adopt all the unwanted children; that a man walking goats will get more attention than a lady with a puppy; that some people will be rude to ensure they get free handouts; that Balboa Park is much nicer when the roads are blocked to cars; and that people enjoy any excuse to get dressed up.


I learned about Peace Pies in Ocean Beach and Encinitas. I got to try some of Dave’s Killer Bread, a company that started in Portland. I found out that a slice of pizza doesn’t make everyone happy. I enjoyed the sun, plants, colors, and the happiness they brought to those around me – dancing, skipping, laughing. It made me happy to see a girl with her face painted on her dads shoulders with his painted too. There was a lot of walking and bike riding, but I’m hoping in the future there will be fewer cars on the road – either because of carpooling, bus riding, or parking garages.

artsy rain barrel

artsy rain barrel

This was a fun event. I wish there could be more like this, but I know it cost the city a lot to have first aid stations and police on foot and bike located throughout the park along with police directing traffic. It felt good to walk in the streets, and see kids playing in the grass and water, and people trying new foods and listening to new music. And I almost forgot to mention – Scott toilet paper is now made with 40% recycled material and comes without the cardboard roll. Though I buy 100% recycled TP I am glad to see companies making positive changes.

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