The Hummingbird Challenge

I recently noticed some hummingbirds around the neighborhood and last week saw one in my backyard looking for food. Of course I ran to the store to buy a special jug with pretty flowers on it to bring him back. Add water and sugar, tie in shade, and wait. He showed up while the dogs were playing and didn’t stay long enough for my excitement to overcome me to get a decent photo. Then three days later he comes back – today! I’m out in the yard, near the feeder, and I hear a bird singing. I look around trying to find the voice.

I move far enough away from the feeder that the bird stopped singing and ate lunch. I was super excited and just stared. And then, to make my day better, he lands on a branch that could’ve been made just for him and poses for a while. Again I stare. Then I run in the house – quietly, switch lenses, and sneak back outside. I am anxious to take a million pictures, but the more I move to get a decent shot the more nervous he gets. I finally moved too much – perfect angle, and he decides to leave.

I will, eventually, get a great photo of him. I’m sure of it. Until then, here are two photos. Perhaps next time I will get a video of him instead. I will keep you posted on my progress.

eating lunch

cleaning his wing

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4 Responses to The Hummingbird Challenge

  1. Karen says:

    Grama here, I am happy to know you like Hummers as well. I have 2 feeders in my yard and so enjoy my Hummers. I have never heard them sing.
    I did have one fly up to my shirt because it had big red flowers on it and he hovered and wirrrred in front of me, so cool once I stopped being startled. Love, Grama


  2. Good luck with the bird bath!


  3. Thank you! I’ve gotten lucky living in the city to have such wildlife in my backyard. I think a birdbath is next. I read that birds like moving water and perhaps I will be able to photograph more birds.


  4. I really like the silhouette one – I’ve never seen a real humming bird (we don’t have them in the UK) but I knew what it was as soon as I saw it – how lucky you are to have such wonderful things to look at.


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