The Tree? The Munstir? The Train!

The shape that started it all!

I turned that shape into this train. I would use my drawing to create the story.

I wrote this story when I was seven years old. Enjoy!

Translation of story:

Once there was a tree and I was the first one to find that wierd train. It could talk, walk, and see, smell. First I was scard [scared] of it and it was scard of me I thought it was a munstir [monster] at first and it thought I was a wierd munstir to but than I found out that it was a train in stad [instead] of a munstir and it found out that I was a person not a munstir. We where friends for ever one day some people needed to ride a train and found my friend train first and they got in and said ah no muchins [machines] this is alive and they said get moveing it didn’t move so they got out and shot it. The End

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