Mi Casa es Tu Fotos

Built in 1947. Asbestos. Check. Lead Paint. Check. Square Footage – 752.

cooking castle looking towards front door

door to our dwelling

extend-a-kitchen space with homemade doggy-bone curtains

canine cave with closets and corners-with-boxes omitted

headquarters - that seem to center around my workspace

King's Crib

garage and yard coming soon. amazing song and video available now.

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5 Responses to Mi Casa es Tu Fotos

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  2. MOM says:

    like the pic’s hanging in office


  3. Caleb says:

    The dogs are always in bed. Lazy!


  4. caracolina23 says:

    Holy mackerel! I don’t think I’d ever see/hear anything about EAV ever again in my life! Oh, and nice pad…


  5. dad says:

    if you like that video you need to check out mathieu chedid …. hes actually pretty cool … and wierd..


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