A Day in South Bay

Me reincarnated as a shell mermaid

Caleb suggested we go to the Tijuana RNERR and visit the Border Field State Park next to it. I thought it was a great idea. We ate breakfast and headed west – then south. I had looked at the map some and thought I had our route figured out – hit the ocean and then head east. We went south down Seacoast Dr, parked our bikes, walked past border patrol and then proceeded down two miles of beach. The wind was blowing and it was probably 60 degrees, but we still enjoyed the sun shining off the river and the ocean, the birds singing their morning tunes, and where the river meets the ocean we got to witness erosion – chunks of sand falling into the river and being washed into the ocean.

I thought it might be lunch time by the time we returned from our walk – all the other beach goers just getting started, and being the weekend and all, but it wasn’t. We rode up to Imperial Beach Blvd and then down 5th St which is supposed to be near the Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center and some trails. We saw some plants, some animals, even some other people, and then we came to a river with the visitor center on the other side…hmm. I figure we can find our way there another day, perhaps now it is time for lunch. We head home.

The day was by no way over, but I was getting hungry. I went to my trusty computer and that’s when I realized that I was right in my assumption that this morning’s events were to have taken us a lot longer. If you use Google Maps you will realize, like I did, that we didn’t even make it to our destination. We made it to the sandy tip by the Oneida Slough on the morning walk and then down to the intersection of Tower Rd and Boundary Rd. on the morning ride. Oh well, we live close and have plenty of opportunity to return, we decide to head north instead.

There is a special road just for us to do that too – Bayshore Bikeway. About four blocks, 0.6 miles, from our house the Bikeway goes north through Coronado. You can take the ferry across and then ride it south through San Diego. We would be making a return trip sans ferry. We saw lots of people riding and running, a few small furry things run into the bushes, and at least a hundred birds either eating or mating in a fury. I thought we might make it further up the island, but then I remembered my hunger.

I had looked up vegetarian restaurants before leaving and we had the option of burger (quinoa and brown rice, etc) or burrito (beans and rice). We decided on Burger Lounge – way cheaper than the fancy dead cow and fresh dead fish on the bay. We ordered two Lounge Vegetarians (the name of the burger), an order of half-and-half (french fries and onion rings), and a chocolate shake. We ordered it to eat-in to save on waste. When they delivered our food on chic rectangle plates we grabbed our food and went to the grass across the street freeing up seats for all the “fancy” people who needed them more.

Some people decided against this place because there was a line to get in. There are tables lining both walls, the line of people, and two registers and a huge grill at the back. Then there is the line to sit – which we had no problem with – I love picnics! We sit down and Caleb thinks we got gypped on our half-and-half noticing only the four onion rings on top – apparently they were just in layers – Yum. If there is a next time (no complaints, just lots of new places to try) I will have to get the baby burger (smaller version veg). We felt so full that we decided to walk some of it off before getting back on our bikes.

What a good decision that was. We got to walk by shops we hadn’t seen in three years. When we were there in 2009 we went to Bruegger’s Bagels Bakery for breakfast and then bought Sparky his ‘Chuck-It‘ at Wag’n Tails. We got to see some local artists with their paintings displayed across the street from the library. When we got back to our bikes the sidewalks were packed – lots of eating and shopping to be done. Luckily bikes aren’t allowed on the sidewalks and we were able to make it back to the Bikeway hazard free.

Caleb seemed to think the ride back was longer and we both noticed that the wind was blowing in our face both directions. I had looked forward to the easy return that we had seen in all the smiling faces passing us on the way there. Not as many people on the return – perhaps we have the timing and direction wrong. We return to the house to over-anxious dogs. They were able to watch us leave the house twice on our bikes and know we must still have plenty of energy.

This morning will gain us 23 miles on our bikes and maybe three miles walking. We take the dogs in the backyard and I stretch out in our pink lawn chair. The dogs are not easily fooled and somehow magically they end up by the front door with their walking gear on. I get a refreshing drink and we set out down the same ol’ street. It’s funny, at least to me. We have a neighbor a few houses down that has ‘No Dog Crapping’ signs and it’s a picture of a dog standing with poop flying out and our dogs must be able to read that part. They poop on either side of the sign and Sparky makes a point to pee on it.

photo by Caleb

Caleb and I enjoy marveling at the other lawns that have been very well taken care of and the differences in them. Some are jungle themed, some desert, some very flowerful, and others somewhat left to dirt. There are friendly neighbors and big, angry dogs that greet us too. Today we went to the doggy area of the beach – down the stairs and into the ocean – literally. We thought we could get the dogs feet wet and stay dry, but Caleb misjudged a giant wave and him and Sparky were wet up the calves. Piggy was ready to leave at that point.

Not their longest walk around the new neighborhood, but 2.6 miles on dry land seemed to be good for them. Then it was time for dinner and blogging – there are some weird things on others blogs. I got to see a thick person with very little clothes on a sports bike, a tiger licking his nuts, and some video I didn’t understand all in one post. Somehow I get sucked into this time-warp of awkwardness, but I wouldn’t subscribe or follow if I didn’t enjoy it! Perhaps I should check how many followers they have and find some nut-licking animals of my own…wait, I already have a dog that does that.

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2 Responses to A Day in South Bay

  1. You don’t have to comment, but I’m sure glad you did!


  2. Sheila says:

    I have to make comments on the pic’s. They are great, my fav is the flower but Caleb takes nice ones also. Cute mermaid.


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