Bleach, Boxes, and Bread

I don’t know where we get most of our cleaning products; we buy dish-soap, but somehow we have a giant dishwasher detergent collection; we also buy laundry detergent. I like to collect shampoo, and lotion – though not a cleaning product. We have sprays and wipes for metal, wood, glass, and porcelain. I like products that make cleaning, and breathing, easy. Somehow we managed to obtain a 1.5 gallon jug of bleach. I will be using it, with the windows open, to clean the entire house – minus the carpets.

We have boxes everywhere; empty boxes, boxes with some things in them; boxes with stuff near them that will go in them; and other boxes packed full of things that will be taken out of them – that’s a lot of boxes. Sunday will be the big day to bleach stuff, box things, and get the house looking half deserted. It will leave Caleb more lonely for the week, but me more satisfied that I helped and that nothing will be forgotten.

Sunday will also be the day I start to pack for me leaving on Wednesday, write my last Jacksonville post, and then pack my computer. Last night I was out with a friend and Caleb stayed home and decided to make bread. Around 7:30pm Caleb was kneading the dough, which can be loud and disturbing if not accustomed to the sound, when our neighbor came to our door a bit perturbed. Caleb told her he was busy slaughtering a goat. “OH MY GOD! Well you woke my baby nephew! Are you almost done?!” Then he admitted, while wearing flour, to simply making dough rise.

What an evening the both of us had. My story to come in a future post – seems to be a lot of those to come, but that’s good news to those that like to read my words. But all his kneading left us with three loaves of bread heaven – I absolutely love homemade bread – husband’s and his mom’s. This is just the beginning to the carb overload that will ensue as my feet go round and round on the pedals that circle by the chain and gears of my bicycle.

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3 Responses to Bleach, Boxes, and Bread

  1. Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you. Thomas Jefferson


  2. dad says:

    ALL Aldridge’s are great goat sacraficers………………….LOL


  3. Caleb says:

    Can’t wait to pick you up on the seventh. I hope I don’t forget anything.


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