What’s on My Bicycle?

I was going to take pre-pack photos of what was on my to-go-with-me list, but I kept changing which pannier a certain item would go in and instead of just taking a picture and then packing I thought I would have the items place picked out and then take a picture. I ended up packing and not getting photos. I will break my list up into readable paragraphs and describe in some detail what I’m bringing. Feel free to ask questions as I will probably leave details out unintentionally.

I will be riding a Hybrid Schwinn with 700c tires. On my bike I have a Bell cyclocomputer, a Planet Bike Superflash rearlight and a Schwinn Xenox headlight, front and rear Ortlieb waterproof panniers, and one Arete ASL 2 all-season tent. On me I will have a Bell bicycle helmet, a 100-oz water reservoir Lobo Camelbak, a T2i Canon DSLR with 67mm lens, over-sized sunglasses, and a sweater. Also in my Camelbak are directions from Google maps, plastic comb for vanity, emergency rain poncho, bugspray with deet, sunscreen 70 SPF, lip balm, nose wipes, SOG Flash II knife, nail file, keys, hair ties, iPod, and cell phone.

In my front panniers, weighing around seven pounds each, is a Therm-a-Rest self-inflating pillow with homemade pillow case, a Marmot Plasma sleeping bag, two journals, one notebook, four pens, a roll of toilet paper, toothbrush, floss, compact mirror, mouthwash, waterproof notebook, US passport, National Park passport, calculator, nail clippers, tweezers, q-tips, two small soaps, wallet, 58mm lens, Petzl Tikka 2 Core headlamp, tire gauge, two tire pries, patch kit, four spare tubes, chain lube, mini bicycle air pump, wrench, screwdriver, spare bag, iPod and phone charger, camera batteries and charger.

In my rear panniers, weighing around 15 pounds each, is two pair compression pants and shorts, two compression shirts, two sport-bras, a fitted shirt, four pair shorts, three shirts, a dress, a beanie, pair of gloves, a face-mask, four pair socks, nine underwear, pair of Capri sweatpants, a towel, 88-oz of water, 30 water flavor packets, 4200 calories of fruit-nut mix, 200 calories in energy jelly beans, three pounds of applesauce, 3120 calories in junk food, and 14280 calories in protein bars weighing 10.8 pounds.

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3 Responses to What’s on My Bicycle?

  1. Gerri says:

    Bicycle Bling! You left out a 22 mag. or glock or tazer for those unwanted pests! Love you!


  2. Caleb says:

    You mention what is on you, except you didnt mention your shoes or your super awesome, homemade Ipod arm band.


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