Silly Sunday

Cycling in the Sunshine State

Another post about riding my bike – imagine that! I wanted a change of scenery so we took to the coast today. The 15 miles south was great, so easy in fact that we didn’t realize how far we had gone. I wanted to go farther but the wind going home was blowing in angry spurts. We sat on some fancy manicured lawn across the street from a house powered fully by the sun with as many solar panels as we saw.

We enjoyed some donuts we had bought along the way; nothing like some good sugary carbs to keep me going! We were slow going at the start with all the new scenery but the wind on the way back cost us some time too. We approached an intersection with a car at a stop sign to our right. Behind them was a girl on her bike – texting while riding; she almost ran into the car.

She hears me laughing loudly and calls out as we pass that, “Perhaps I should pay attention!” It would have been great either way. She was going slow enough to not get hurt. I saw a video by Casey Neistat about walking and texting, here, and it too seems dangerous. I just can’t imagine what people are thinking when they text behind the wheel of a car besides, “I’m super rich and love Jesus and everything will go my way!”

We made it home and had to circle the parking lot to get our 30 miles. We made it in three and a half hours. For lunch I made a potato-blackbean burger-mango-garlic-broccoli mix; it was delicious and healthier than donuts. I’ve got two days left to see if I can get near the 250 miles needed for this month to reach my 3,000 mile annual goal. I have some other goals that I can update you on in another post.

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