Fishing and Flinging Discs

Costley with his Money Putter

Caleb has gone out with the guys a few times to play Frisbee Golf. He comes back with tales of the one wife there, the few kids there, new discs he got, and the scores of the game. Today it would be my turn to be the wife. I follow a minivan into a parking lot as I realize I’m being followed by a tall FX4 level 3 red Ford – it’s Steve; he doesn’t play often and has a short selection of discs to play with but soon the guys are sharing theirs with him.

I get to meet Jake, Vogel, Squirrel, and Elledge. I already know Costley, Steve, and Caleb. There are first names, last names, and nicknames. Two guys head to the pond for disc-fishing with a rope long enough to cover the length of the pond attached to a metal rectangle with a soft net, like a fishing net, attached. One guy will drop the net at one end and the other drags it across the pond. If a disc has no name and number on it – it’s yours.

Some of the other guys load the stroller with beer in a cooler. The owner can keep his discs in the other space provided. Other players will keep their discs in what looks like an over-sized fisherman’s lunchbox and Caleb keeps his in a backpack. The course has hills like a golf course but has trees in the way – for fun! Each guy has his own method. Some jump, spin, turn, squat, or warm up their elbows.

There are many ways to throw a disc – over/underhand, tomahawk, etc. The first throw is all from the same platform. Remaining throws are from behind where your disc lands. The fun part is trying to find your disc amongst the leaves and bushes if your aim is a little off. There are even putter discs, for close range use, when you get closer to the basket. Costley will have to leave after the first nine holes. Apple will arrive to take his place.

Jake won first place at the Florida Open: Recreational Division and the guys playing today are learning from him. We are all amazed as we watch this guy we don’t know skip his disc off the middle of the pond and have it land safely on the other side. We might have thought it was luck the first time but not the third. At the end of the game there is more fishing. Caleb lost one of his in the pond but will leave with a new one.

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