A Day of Flying Thoughts

I woke up ready to visit Talidra, the student I tutor every week, but try to remember her school schedule of early out days, teacher planning days, holidays, no-school days, and in-school events. I once showed up more dressed up than usual on their pajama day. I got to thinking about the benefits of flying. If I could fly I wouldn’t have to drive to the gas station and spend $30 to fill up; I wouldn’t have to drive the 15 miles to the school; I wouldn’t have to ride my bike the 75 minutes it would take.

This was just my easy debate as to whether I should take my bike or the car; of course the car won. I would end up spending more time on my bike than at my destination; not what I had planned. Then I started thinking about all the free international travel I could do while I was migrating and the great birds-eye view pictures I could get with my camera. But that’s fantasy land, or the life of Jeb Corliss, and I’m back here in my reality. But I carried the idea of flying to Talidra.

Here is the story she wrote:

There once lived a witch that had a best friend; it was a broom. Not just any broom, it was a flying broom. She used to get up in the morning and fly in the air to go get pig pie. When they was done with the pig pie they got back up in the air and soared through the sky. Then one day, the witch woke from her beauty sleep and said, “Oh dear, my broom is gone. Someone took my broom” the witch shouted. She was so unhappy. She raced through the door looking everywhere she could, but she could not find that broom.

She looked everywhere. She looked under her bed, and her closet, even in the kitchen cabinets but she could not find that broom. Then she was lonely. Then she heard a big boom on her door. She got up dragging herself. She went to the door saying, “hello” then she heard a man speaking, “are you the owner of a young broom?” She opened the door quickly and, “Oh yes I am!” Then she poked her eye at that broom and said, “Oh broomy you’re back” then she said to the man, “how did you find her?”

“I found her peeking in our bushes.” The witch said, “oh broomy don’t you ever scare me like that ever again.” The man gave the witch her broom and he left. The witch took broomy inside and they both enjoyed some pig pie. The End

After school my husband would invite me to a game of Frisbee golf with the guys. This would be a good end to a flying-filled day. More details on the game tomorrow. I suppose too that if I could fly I would wish for miracle strength to carry my luggage. I would be saved from the hassle at airports and would prevent more carbon emissions from airplanes. If I could fly I could save all the lost balloons and recycle them away from deadly fishy fates. What would you do if you could fly or own something that could?

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1 Response to A Day of Flying Thoughts

  1. Caleb says:

    Its a toss up between a jet pack and a helicopter if I myself could not do it alone, because they can land in smaller areas. I would fly all over the place. I would make a point of visiting every country in the world.


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