Cotton Flower

This plant is actually a shrub and grows in a boll, a protective barrier, around the seeds. This type is Gossypium hirsutum and makes up 90% of the world’s production. This field is in Northeast Florida. Caleb and I had gone to a corn maze in Hilliard about 50 minutes from home. We had waited too long as the maze had already been run down by disrespectful families.  We could see through the maze and it was misguiding as to which direction to go. The farm had tall stands that enabled me to see how big the maze was and how much further we had to go.

There was an excellent variety of farm animals that parents neglected to educate their children on. We saw a bull, two horses, a pig, two peacock, some ducks and chickens, and a rabbit. There was a pumpkin patch, hay ride, go-cart track, small country store, and food stands. There was also a tractor to sit on and a decorated haystack.

On our way home, we noticed a cotton field and this was Caleb’s first time to touch the actual plant, my second. Cotton picking didn’t become popular until the cotton gin in 1793 and now we know why. Amongst those fluffy white puffs are little hard seeds that stick to the cotton. History is more interesting to me when I can read all about it and then see and feel where it took place. Cotton is a big part of southern history and continues to impact the world today. There is something I can appreciate about starting from the beginning; the long process that used to go into making clothes that has been simplified so that many take this process for granted.

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