Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Before the show, a security guy comes over to inquire about the size of my camera lens, and once assured that I’m not going to sell posters and videos of the show, talks to us for twenty minutes. We were there early which left us plenty of time to get a dry pretzel to share and a beer each to wash it down. We didn’t want to over-do-it so there would be no breaks during the three-hour show. It started around 7:15 pm and people were still coming in. The show didn’t sell out but was packed around us. The picture above was the beginning of an amazing show.

Part of the band was local and they had the volume on their amp all the way up. Sometimes the lights seemed to shine directly into my eyes. There was a narrator, people on suspended cages, soloists, and dancers. We were lucky enough to sit next to a couple that felt it necessary to drink a bottle of wine before the show and then sit down with a glass in each hand. Soon they were talking over the music and performing all the air-band instruments. The whole row in front of us took a potty break at the same time allowing the guy beside us the ability to go too.

When the guy came back to his seat he smashed glass and wine all over himself. This didn’t keep us from enjoying the show or others from taping the show with their poorly enabled cellphones which were posted to YouTube after the show. For this show, I am glad for the seats we got. There were folding chairs on the floor and the problem of having all those heads in the way. We were in stadium seating in row V which also gave us an excellent view of the soloist stage closer to us.

The intense sound and blinding light could have made me think I was at a Ozzy concert, but there was no mosh pit. I think this is the adult version of singing Santa and Jesus tunes at Grandma’s house around Christmas time in that embarrassing sweater she knitted – just for you. Caleb would like to mention that he was the lucky guy that happened to bring the one woman equipped with a Canon XSi and fully functioning flash that would be in competition of the bright lights for the entire show.

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