The Walk for Ta-Ta’s

Sponsored by Mayo Clinic

Usually I am the one finding things for us to do, but this idea wasn’t Caleb’s alone. Jon, guy he works with, and Amanda, wife who works at Mayo Clinic, spread the invite to Making Strides at Jax Beach and we happened to be the only ones from Mayport Ops, navy base, to show up. It was a 5K on the beach and we were given large pink shirts. I happened to find an unclaimed small white shirt also dedicated to the cause on the return walk.

I think it’s neat that so many people find the time to volunteer for causes they believe in. Before going to college I had nothing but time. Now I enjoy balancing my hours between helping a cause and writing a paper for class.

Jon and Amanda invited us out for sushi later and we arrived at Daruma Japanese Steak House at 5:00 pm. They were not there yet so we walked to an antique store next door and the lady watching it for her friend kept us entertained for ten minutes telling us about her riding a scooter in her over-sized home and how she is downsizing and bringing items to the store. We went and waited at the bar inside the restaurant and ordered unsweetened teas with lemon.

Amanda and Jon arrived and quickly ordered a few rolls of sushi. We ordered the vegetable plates teppenyaki style, also known as hibachi, where the chef cooks your meal while you watch. Sometimes the chef will also perform tricks such as building a flaming onion volcano. We were too full for the Cold Stone Creamery dessert trip they made after, but maybe there will be a next time.

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