Empty Mailbox

Neighbors, whether 4 feet or 40 miles away, don’t want to live with them and can’t stand to live next to them. At least when they exhibit the behavior mine do. They live loud, smoky, and surrounded by trash – literally bags of it in front of their door. They smoke and throw their ashes and butts all over the stairs and grass in front. They have a dog that pees all over and a cat that poops in my plants.

After reminding the office of this problem I noticed an armadillo, tried to get a picture of it, and then hopped in the car to visit Talidra. Today was picture day and the kids were too overly excited but very nicely dressed. I sat through a fractions lesson while waiting for Talidra to finish a writing test. We enjoyed lunch outside while swatting away bees. The kids were noisy in the hallway and a teacher came out, scolded them, then made them apologize to me for making me look bad.

We went into take pictures and one kid had cried and another kid began to cry; it is obvious in the photo they took as well. I took the class photo with a Canon T2i, 17-85mm, f-4. The photographer had a Canon 5D, 17-40mm, f-1.4. Santa, I want a 1.2. Done with that and I get to help gauge the fourth grade’s ability to read some 200 words. On average they missed about five each.

I went to get in my car excited to get home and check the mail and find my USB to PS2 adapter. One of the substitutes noticed a boy at the other end of the parking lot. Apparently his mom was supposed to pick him up and somehow he had got left by everyone for 20 minutes. I’m sure if I was him I would’ve cried too. I get home and the mailman has just arrived.

I get up the stairs to quiet dogs and no husband. I start to think maybe I forgot he has duty. Lucky him, he got off work early today to go play Frisbee golf. He came home while I was walking the dogs. I checked the mail and what I saw was an empty box. After working on my tiny scrap of a computer for a week I should feel comfortable with it, but I don’t feel the same without my pictures.

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