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Video Self Portrait in Prescott, Arizona

This is a guest post being written by John Wise, Jessica’s father. Today, my daughter and I took a short road trip up north, a meander, destination unknown. Following a false start that nearly saw us going south-east, we turned … Continue reading

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Grandparents and Great-Grandparents

On the left up front is John Alexander Wise, my great-grandfather on my paternal grandfather’s side. Next to him is Amelia (Knezetic) Wise, my great-grandmother. Behind them is my great-aunt Lillian and my grandfather John Michael Wise Sr. who was born March … Continue reading

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Hattie Brooks and Lillian Knezetic

Only known photograph of my great-great-grandmother on my paternal grandfathers side. On the left is Hattie Brooks, John Alexander Wise’s mother. To the right of her is Lillian Wise who was marrying Joe Marynowski on her left. In the far … Continue reading

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Robert and Lillian Knezetic

This is the last known photograph of my great-great-grandfather and grandmother, Robert and Lillian, taken together. This photo is in front of their house in Buffalo, New York. Robert passed away in 1962 and Lillian in 1963 – the year … Continue reading

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The Knezetic Family

Back in 1905, the Knezetic side of my family came to America through Ellis Island. From my father’s side, there is this one and only family portrait that includes my great-great-grandfather and grandmother, along with my great-grandmother Amelia. My great-great-grandfather was born Blasius, Blaz for … Continue reading

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