Video Self Portrait in Prescott, Arizona

This is a guest post being written by John Wise, Jessica’s father. Today, my daughter and I took a short road trip up north, a meander, destination unknown. Following a false start that nearly saw us going south-east, we turned around and started looking for “The spot.” Where that was, I didn’t know, Jessica surely didn’t, this was okay as it is in keeping with the credo, “Indecision is the key to flexibility.” We ultimately found a few things to entertain us, this being one of those “Things!” Jessica took the camera, we were using Magic Lantern on her Canon T2i – this software allows tons of tricks. One of those cool features is altering the frames per second recorded, allowing time-lapse footage to be captured using video – like the name of the software suggests; it’s MAGIC!

Music: Let Me See Your Hands featuring Aquasky, by The Ragga Twins

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1 Response to Video Self Portrait in Prescott, Arizona

  1. Caleb says:

    Looks like your dad is on meth at the end.


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