The Knezetic Family

Back in 1905, the Knezetic side of my family came to America through Ellis Island. From my father’s side, there is this one and only family portrait that includes my great-great-grandfather and grandmother, along with my great-grandmother Amelia. My great-great-grandfather was born Blasius, Blaz for short, and changed to Robert here in America. Robert came from Ozalji, Karlovac, Croatia, his birthday was February 1st, 1886. He married Louisa Priezula (maiden name unknown), she was born March 10, 1888 in Ozalji too. Louisa was known as Luba in Croatia but adopted the name Lillian in America.

Robert and Lillian had seven children, from left to right starting in the back row; Amelia (my great-grandmother – born October 18, 1918), John, Bob, George, and Frank. Between Robert and Lillian sit Anna and Mike.

Amelia would grow up and marry John Alexander Wise, my great-grandfather. He was born on December 10, 1918 in Berford, Ontario, Canada. His mom’s name was Hattie, born in 1898, and her husband was Cornelius, born about September 11, 1892 in Blenheim, Oxford County, Canada – my great-great-grandmother and grandfather. Hattie (also known as Hally), her mom was Ellen Denby (also known as Alice), born in 1871 married John Farrell on September 12, 1887 in Brant, Ontario, Canada.

My great-great-great-grandfather was Alexander Wise born June 8, 1837, he was married to my great-great-great-grandmother Margaret Irving born April 27, 1859, this side of the family came out of the Ontario, Canada area. Alexander is known to be of Germanic descent.

Ellen’s father was Richard (Morris) Denby born June 5, 1837 in England – this would be my great-great-great-great-grandfather. Richard was married to Sarah (last name possibly Morris, there is confusion in the records), she was born March 22, 1840 in England. These two immigrated to Canada in 1868.

John Farrell’s father was Robert (McLeod) Farrell born in 1844 in Berford, Canada. John was of Irish descent, he married Lydia McLeod (this could be the maiden name, again, the records are not clear).

This is the rough family tree on my paternal grandfathers side.

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2 Responses to The Knezetic Family

  1. AMY GATTUSO says:

    Hi Jessica,
    John Knezetic was my grandpa. Would love to hear from you. This picture is so special, thank you for sharing.


  2. Norman Wise says:

    We have a connection. John Alexander Wise (b June 8, 1837 and married to Margaret Irving) is my great grandfather. My father is Andrew Abraham Wise (b. 1913), my grandfather is Andrew Wise (b. 1884). I would appreciate you contacting me with your information about the Wise branch of your family tree and will share our information with you.


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