Household Goods

It took three guys an hour to unpack 47 items (front bike wheel removed for easier transport counts as one) and nothing was broken but we seem to have misplaced the connector cable for our dive watch to the computer. Being that we had these things packed six months ago it’s difficult to remember what we chose to leave in storage and that we mostly brought clothes and kitchen supplies, but even there we managed only one coffee cup – Caleb’s happy birthday mug from a decade ago.

After a long day of reorganizing the kitchen, hanging smelly clothes to be washed later, and trying to connect electronics — stereo, Wii, mixer — we decided to go to Show Shha for dinner. I was craving spicy and I was in luck when I walked in and noticed the pani puri serving station. I stood there excitedly and absentmindedly popped them into my mouth without count until I remembered we were here for dinner. We only got two entrees, but Caleb ordered enough bread variety for catering… or take away.

The next day we would buy a mop because we couldn’t even sell our last one for a dollar so it stayed in San Diego. I got a new dustpan because using one without a handle and a rubber lip is hard on my thumb and patience. Caleb got a new toilet brush so he wouldn’t have to look at the poop-stained one that was left behind and a cheap blender with the only options being on, really on, and off since we didn’t bring ours and he plans to leave it here.

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