An Album of the Unknowns

I’ve gotten into another cleaning mood where I attempt to get rid of some things and usually end up reminiscing and reorganizing more than anything. I grabbed a shoebox full of pictures and letters and other items of Mom’s memories. Below are some family photos that I’m guessing are from Elaine Baker, my maternal grandmother’s side and a few of the Clark sisters when Mom was about four years old. As she was the baby of the five, the others would be Lois 5, Gerri 8, Janet 9, and Anita 10.


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2 Responses to An Album of the Unknowns

  1. Can do! Do you recognize any of the other people?


  2. Janet shank says:

    Oh, Jessica.. please make copies and send me these. I will reimburse your costs! I would appreciate it more than you know. I have only one of these photos.


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