Slow Morning Molasses

Q&A: Is there anything missing in your life? A better paying job as I struggle to get an associate degree in business and kinesiology from San Diego City College that will eventually lead me towards a bachelor’s degree in health and fitness. I need to take the ACE exam first so I get the continuing education credits towards my recertification requirements for attendance.


pet tank or appetizer viewer

A Tri-Athlete for breakfast and water without a straw. Off to Starbucks to read about yeast and write about brains for Dad but we both just talk about life lessons instead. Caleb recently bought me a new Yeti 20oz tumbler in sky blue and I adorned it with two red and white stickers before bringing it on the trip so I could fill it with a nitro cold brew. There’s still half of it in the fridge, but I was able to get a ten-cent discount and do my part to reduce plastic waste.


excerpt from The Rise of Yeast

Who doesn’t spend the morning talking until their tummies grumble in the late afternoon? We split a dish of zucchini pasta with marinara at Red Devil, something new to go with the old memories, all of them good, of eating here before. We always get the same booth in the corner where I can see the hostess booth and Dad can watch the waiters go from kitchen to tables.


no light or cold to disturb his slumber

Somehow it’s dinner time and Caroline isn’t home yet. She’s working late at the office while I read about overworked yeast and lab testing on fruit flies. Dad’s making music and looking for kaka-themed games for us to play on my next visit. I’m glad he looks forward to seeing me again and what game we might create using the real toilet. With our appetites up, we’ll go out for a bowl each of guacamole to lick clean along with a foot long burrito for me and two burger patties with green chilies for him.

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