Hippy Dippy Pushy Lifty

Q&A: What time did you go to bed last night? I’m not even sure what day it is. I decided to quit my job at the school where my boss doesn’t seem to want me back and I’m down to working Thursdays from 1:20 to 3:30 unless I’m needed there early to make 47 copies of an anatomy manual in 20 minutes — note: can’t be done.


When Caleb was home I would still go to bed with him, relatively, but now I am free to explore the blunders of late night writing, reading, watching and going down the rabbit hole of curiosity without a schedule to guide my day. I managed to get seven hours of shuteye between midnight and my morning workout.

I didn’t feel like putting on pants so I pulled out the yoga mat and weights while Sparky moved to the couch to get more zzz’s. I moved around for 50 minutes and then walked to the kitchen to put banana and avocado skins in the blender with leeks, spinach stems, raspberries, and nut milk. Next time I will use half a banana for less thickness.


I washed away any minuscule droplets of sweat that might have accumulated on my body after a tiring, but not perspiration-inducing, workout so that I could walk to do my civic duties and figured I could bring my lonely blind dog, Sparky, along for his daily intake of exercise and sunshine that we both need.

“Sign on the line. Please lick here. You earned this sticker. I like your dog. Have a wonderful day.” Thank you, kind volunteer, for your assistance. I said hi to Jane and Zach, mom and son, the neighbors down the street, as I passed them with their votes in hand on their way to the polls on this beautiful flip-flop wearing weather day.


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