Geeking Out


Q&A: What are you a geek about? And to think I thought I’d need all day to think about this question. I do the most research on travel, posts on this blog, and anything necessary to help my students eat better and move more. I’m currently watching episodes of 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia on Netflix, reading about love in the Western world, and have tabs open on ways I can help reduce my wasteful impact on the planet.

I handed out keychains to the 16 out of 163 students who have signed up on Class Dojo in the hopes it would inspire more to do the same and already another one joined. It’s an app that allows me to share pictures and messages with their parents, keep track of their behavior and attendance, and create groups and play music. I also passed out temporary tattoos to get the students signed up for the Kids Heart Challenge.

I had one of my bright pink shoes that I started wearing in April go flat on me on the playground on Friday, so I replaced them with a purple to orange pair. I broke them in over the weekend and another teacher wore her new shoes today that matched her dress. I get home only to splash six cups of cold soup on me, my new shoes, the wall, the cabinets, the fridge (inside and out), and all over the floor.


Caleb got to clean up the kitchen while I washed myself and clothes and then grabbed something else to snack on since the apple I grabbed after school was not ripe and a bit rotten. Then we made dinner, cooking down all the spinach and adding the other ingredients on top – ta da, salad! We also gathered our veggie scraps and made our own stock which only makes me want to eat all the soft greens in the pot.

I’ve gotten my 5k runtime down to 27:22 and my leg press up to 300 pounds. I’m working on getting my upper body weights into the triple digits, but I need to be more consistent for that to happen and spend less time talking at the gym. I turned down an opportunity to paddle board this weekend when I should’ve taken Sparky with me. He gets more walks and goes for rides again now that Piggy isn’t here to detest the idea.

It’s been nine days since Piggy and I parted ways and tomorrow would be my mom’s birthday, but I’m not about celebrating something for someone who isn’t here. Caleb’s mom has her birthday the day after and I’ll make sure he calls her. He was lucky enough to talk with his dad and sister today, but they’re not able to make him laugh the way my dad did yesterday — then again he doesn’t have car troubles and kittens.

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2 Responses to Geeking Out

  1. You definitely have a theme and a passion!


  2. Geek out on [in no particular order]: the Joseph Smith Papers, Military History, boardgame designs [yes, I make/sell my own], editing my historical novel [after geeking out on researching the summer of 1804 in Napoleonic France], planning out my epic fantasy series, preparing to binge watch all 5 seasons of COMBAT!, and trying REALLY hard to wait patiently for season 2 of LOST IN SPACE on Netflix, researching ancestors to do Temple work for… you want more, you’ll have to Skype me. 😉


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