It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

… and my old man won’t be snoring in my bed tonight, but busy babysitting a ship overnight as they continue to not do their job properly.


I’ve been absent a few days due to a change in schedule. Caleb is supposed to be gone for work on our 10th wedding anniversary and leaves the weekend prior, so he wanted to do something special this past weekend (but to start on Thursday).

I walked the neighbor’s kids to school, went to class to teach other’s how to do a push up (practice one-on-one training), dropped off supplies and other interns at the school before going to my follow-up appointment about my upper back. The doctor says I need to stretch, get deep tissue massages, try fire cupping (often), and gave me a list of exercises to do because between my neck and shoulders the muscles are tight.


I drove from there to Planet Fitness for my second informational interview with Amber. I will need to take my writing from college to third grade level for my professor so that she can check that I answered all the questions properly. I finished that and arrived home to Caleb in a nice shirt and his fancy shoes. I put on jeans and a sweater.

We stayed in a hotel with a jacuzzi tub within walking distance of a pizza bar and had homemade chocolate covered strawberries back in the room to go with the peach champagne, brownies, and bubble bath. Caleb tried a Ghost of Anniversaries Past idea, so things I won’t share here, but it included cookies, Uber, the mall, and three beds.


He booked the hotel for two nights (Saturday wasn’t available), so we went to the gym Friday morning, I went to school for another workout (Techniques of Weight Training), and then did data entry at work while the kids put on a musical show. I arrived to the hotel to new drinks, my smallest bikini, and some good smelling lotion.

Saturday was spent mostly in bed. We had met at the hotel and were meant to return one car home, but had too much fun the night before and cancelled our drive to Knott’s Berry Farm. Sunday was used to do homework and update/transfer data to my new phone. I drove to school Monday with a golden spider and dropped my old phone in the mailbox on the way home.


Today I stopped by Caleb’s office on my way to the gym where I’d celebrate my first run in five months (19.5 weeks). I focused on my stride and how it felt to run at varying speeds. My shins felt it more than my toe, but now my legs can get used to the pressure again and I can increase my speed, incline, and distance.

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  1. Anon says:

    Sex and sex and then more sex…..

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