Today is the Tenth!


I woke up to Sparky’s old face; he’ll be 11 years old next month. Caleb messaged me a reminder that we’ve been married ten years today and I thanked him for putting up with me for almost 13 years and said I would be willing to try for another ten; time flies.

I made an egg, spinach, banana, mocha almond butter sandwich for breakfast and ace my test about cardiovascular diseases — all which say to exercise and burn up to 2,000 calories a week (who measures that?) — before going to the school to try out the green and blue pinnies I bought for the kids (which fit third graders and below — and me).

My legs are tired from improving my mile-and-a-half runtime by 2 min and 41 sec this week and I went too heavy on the incline bench and used my feet to help me re-rack the bar. I arrive home to a Mantry delivery of chorizo, sriracha pretzels, cocktail mix, chimichurri rub, hatch chile ketchup, and chocolate.

I walk the dogs and am invited to dinner next door, even though I have leftovers and was craving tacos from Salud! (which I forgot to get on the way home). While over there I learned that baby whales have to hold their breath during birth until they reach the surface or they’ll drown and that they can gain weight at a rate of ten pounds per hour.

I brought home leftovers for my salad tomorrow and some for puppies with their dinner; and was gifted two pairs of reversible exercise pants, complete with pocket. Dogs and husband are sleeping, so it’s homework, looking at food, and reading before bed for me.

I had another post planned for today, but it will be appropriate for any day on after (at least until the 20th anniversary). Oh, and I can finally tell you what the gift I opened on February 7th was.. an aluminum necklace that says “I love you” in ASL.

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