Q&A a Day: Write down something that inspired you today.


My alarm reminded me to awaken and my husband inspired me to get out the door 20 minutes later than his usual to take him to work while he figures out what’s wrong with our other car.

The call from the doctor yesterday to reschedule my appointment inspired me to go to their office today only to have a not very nice encounter with a doctor in a rush (not the doctor I had planned on having my follow-up with).

The appointment at 10 am with the maintenance guy to fix my air ducts inspired me to speed home, since of course my doctor appointment time was late (again), only to have him tell me that he’d be an hour later.


This free time inspired me to go to the gym for an hour and lift heavy weights to help lift my mood. I had a shake for breakfast (not a very good one) so that we could leave sooner. I will have to do this tomorrow as well. Good thing I have Friday off.

With the maintenance done, laundry needing to be done, and Caleb still at work I was inspired to get sweaty by laying still (a form of meditation for me… in the sauna). I parked close, dropped my clothes in the locker, and spread out on a towel.

Some modest girls let me have my space and stood outside to wait. My dripping and red skin inspired a cold shower, and then I went by Caleb’s office at 1pm (when he said he might be off), and then home to have an inspiring hour-long nap.


a book is a good friend

I was woken by the neighbor (Caleb had contacted her) and she waited till I walked out the door and got in the car to pick my husband up from work. He had been calling for 30 minutes. I was having super inspiring dreams about all the awesome sleep I was getting.

I brought muffin wrappers to that same neighbor and she shared that she was ready to get rid of some books and dvd’s. We boxed them up and Caleb and I carried them down the street to a guy for his grandkids.

The cold inspired me to make mushroom hot cocoa and the new book I’ve been reading for two days, Wicked, is calling for me to read it, but my dog dancing in the middle of the room reminds me that I need to walk them (especially since it’s not raining).

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