Typical Day

Q&A a Day: Was today typical? Why or why not? It was not.

jump rope

Caleb has already been to the gym by the time I get up. I go to the gym to ride with my new friend (I’m inspiring) and am slowly catching up with all the other people who had their reasons to miss the gym as well, most of them injuries. I have time for a steaming hot bath and a banana for breakfast before my doctor’s appointment to get my updated toe x-ray.

I arrive 15 minutes early and leave an hour after my appointment time when I’m told it will be at least another hour and a half and no other doctors are available today. This only made me miss an hour at work, but I got there in time to help set up for the kids to eat inside today due to the rain and winds outside. The littles would go back to their room for a movie while the big kids were allowed to jump rope outside.

It’s awesome to see kids improve their jumping, coordination, and ability to work with others with the longer ropes so that everyone gets a chance to swing the rope and jump it. I enjoy listening to their creative songs and one kid was able to do 35 in a row. We took the kids inside to learn a bit about the head — mandible and skull, and to do some circuit training by having the kids rotate to different exercises on the next mat.

jump card

I’m not supposed to eat during class (and I’ve gotten used to that) and I’m not supposed to be on my phone in front of the children (which makes complete sense to me), so I took it outside for my three voicemail: 1) car dealership saying that more testing would cost $200 more. Caleb will pay them the original $135 and do the testing himself, 2) the maintenance guy that is supposed to fix our air ducts is attempting to come by again and we’re having scheduling issues, 3) a supervisor called to apologize about the wait this morning and rescheduled my x-ray for tomorrow morning and let me know I have the option to switch doctors. I told her I’d be by after work.

It has been raining since. I got the paperwork and got home to a check and more emails from the book company that I sent three textbooks to. I sent them the first email reminding them that I had yet to hear anything after three weeks. I was told a check was in the mail for half the price and eight emails (escalating each time) and three days later they were able to fix their confusion and my second check is in the mail.

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