A Day of Naps


I walk the dogs at 1:20am while Caleb goes to bed for a nap before work where he is regretting coming with me and staying out late. He’s been sick and needs rest.

Caleb had taken the duty van – stopping by the house en route to check on me – because he wanted a ride at 10:30am for a ceremony from noon to 1:30pm, but I wasn’t home.

I take the dogs to their vet appointment at 3pm. Sparky’s teeth are good, his retinas are stretched with age and his thyroid is fine. The doctor took blood to check for Cushing’s.


Piggy’s teeth are bad and she needs the lump in her belly cut out of her to know what it is… well, shit. I paid the 45bd ($122.85) and left with an appointment for December 10th.

I take a two-hour nap at the house before going to pick up Princess at City Centre at 7pm for InterNations at Jim’s. There were lots of people, lots of booze, and little snacks. I had a vodka drink at her hotel prior and not enough to eat. I didn’t leave there till midnight. 

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