When You Don’t Smoke


Caleb joins me for a nap when he gets home at 5pm and I leave to pick up Princess from Fraser Suites in the Diplomatic Area and take her to base for booze. 

Caleb wakes up and I pick him up to join us. This works out so he can keep her company while I shop for Wild Turkey, alcoholic eggnog, and cran-apple Pinnacle on base at 6:30pm. We go to Al Jazeera so she can go shopping while we get iced coffee in Costa. We drive to where she usually stays in Manama to pick up a bottle of tequila before going back to her room at 8:30pm.


We sit on our phones for 30 minutes and then Princess FaceTimes with her brother while he’s at the hospital visiting their 71-year-old mom – and they sing her happy birthday; it’s sweet. The girls change and head up to the sauna since the pool is closed. It’s not on but still warm and we sit until we’re sweaty. We were going to go downstairs but I noticed the rain showers and fancy soap – so in we went and off came the swimsuits. 

We go back down to her room — her in a robe, me in a towel, and start to watch an episode about a Marvel character with superior strength. Ali shows up at 11pm and orders fried chicken from Pollo Campero because they don’t have grilled. We watch an episode of High Castle before it’s 1am and Caleb is ready to sleep.

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